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Knowsley Hall Christmas Lunch – Bread Sauce

As well as being a tasty accompaniment to your Christmas lunch, bread sauce is the butter for your sandwiches the next day. Like cranberry sauce, this is another really easy recipe and you’ll find it is better than a packet or jar if you prepare your own.

Knowsley Hall Christmas Lunch – Mulled Wine

Mulled wine can be bought ready-made, however, make it yourself and the flavour, sweetness and quality is in your hands. If you have never made your own mulled wine before, then Christmas 2016 just had an upgrade because we’re going to show you how to do it yourself.

Knowsley Hall Christmas Lunch – Cranberry Sauce

Served with a variety of dishes, cranberry sauce is a great accompaniment to Christmas lunch. If you have never made your own then this Christmas is a great opportunity to give it a bash. It is a really simple sauce to make and you probably won’t buy a jar of it again once you have made your own.

A Knowsley Hall Wedding

One of our fabulous photographer friends, Matthew Ryecraft, asked one of his recent couples to put in their own words why they chose Knowsley Hall as their wedding venue.

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