Instant bliss – arrange your dream wedding in six months

Here we explain how to plan the perfect wedding in just six months


Planning your special day can take years – some people even start planning in their teens – but what if you’re up against the clock?

Perhaps you have enjoyed a whirlwind romance and you just know he or she is the one, maybe fate or circumstance means that you don’t have the time you want to create your dream wedding. Whatever the reason, by being organised you can make your perfect day a reality in as little as six months.

Right now, you’re probably listing all the things you need to do in your head and thinking ‘are you serious, this is impossible!’ Never fear however, we’re going to explain how to plan the perfect wedding in just six months.

The money

First things first, decide on a budget and stick to it. The minute you start to go over, you begin to lose control of the scheduling and delivery and things can get messy. Stay in control and be strict with your choices.

The venue

Once your budget is sorted, it’s time to choose a venue. Sorting the venue early allows a lot of other things to fall into place more easily. It also gives you an understanding of how many guests you can invite to the day and night-time celebrations, so you can get those invitations out as soon as possible.

The venue also sets in stone the date you are going to get married can also determine the date you get married. It’s good to try to get a couple of dates and discuss it with those you really want to attend, like family, to make sure that they are able to come.

Stately homes are a great option if you’re trying to arrange a wedding in double quick time. By offering packaged deals for the venue, ceremony and wedding breakfast they take away three major tasks in one go. There’s no need to compromise either – at Knowsley Hall all our wedding breakfast packages are fine dining menus prepared by a highly skilled team led by head chef Steve Owen and executive chef Paul Macnish.

The dress

We haven’t yet addressed the dress. While sorting suits for the groom, best man and ushers can be hired as a package, your wedding dress usually takes a little more effort.

You can still get your dream dress in time however, including fitting. Most independent wedding dress suppliers hold demonstration stock of both this season and last season’s designs. As there is very little variation season to season, you can pick up a bargain if you try on and like one of last year’s designs, plus you don’t need to wait for delivery!

The flowers

Arranging flowers and bouquets is one of the final big jobs you need to sort. Choosing a colour scheme will dictate your bridesmaids dresses, what flowers your bouquet is made of and more. Speak to your venue about colours that work in the space and also to your wedding dress supplier, who can save you time by sourcing bridesmaids dresses. A good florist can usually be recommended by your venue – here at Knowsley Hall for example, we recommend guests consult Living Colour Floral Design and Flowerstyle By Laurie. Recommended suppliers know the venue and should be able to colour-match any scheme.

The cars

Another job you can afford to leave a little later is car hire. How you arrive at the venue is important and while horses and carriages usually need advance booking, cars are a little easier to source. A good starting place is a specialist wedding car hire firm like Century Wedding Cars.

The rings

Finally don’t forget the rings! Again, if you’re arranging your wedding in a tight timescale be realistic, having custom-made rings is probably not going to be possible. Focus on something that reflects you, whether that is an elegant and traditional simple band, or a more modern, chunkier look. The decision is yours.

These are the must-haves. There are plenty of other things you can include to make your wedding. Bespoke cakes can be produced within six months of an order, or there are some amazing shop-bought alternatives around now. Photography and videography can be more difficult to arrange at short notice, but with plenty of providers call around, and you should be able to secure something.

Do remember though, that one thing you cannot leave until the last minute is your public notice of marriage. This needs to be displayed at your local registry office, following completion and submission of all forms, for a full 28 days before you are married. This is a legal requirement and if you don’t sort it in time, you can’t get married!

If you’re arranging a wedding soon, stay organised with our handy Wedding Venue Checklist

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