5 Reasons I Love Shooting Weddings At Knowsley Hall

A photographers perspective

Beautiful Light

Photography is all about light. The very meaning of the word itself comes from the original greek words “photo” meaning “light” and “graphia” meaning “drawing”. This means as photographers we are literally drawing with light.

The tall windows of Knowsley Hall create beautiful pockets of light are a dream for photographers. I love walking around this awesome historic venue looking for them. Its almost like a game to me now! Finding new pockets of light make me happy! There is plenty of them here though. I love the large windows facing the couple during the wedding ceremonies held here. They light up the couple perfectly for them to have their ceremony. There are some great windows around the rest of the building that also help make for beautiful portraits.


A wedding venue with history is a wedding venue with character. A wedding venue with character is a wedding venue that if photographed correctly will add character to your wedding photos. Another thing I love about photographing in historic wedding venues is that the actual event will become a part of that history. Then the photographs I make for my couples will become a part of their family history. It’s such a great feeling.

Obviously Knowsley Hall is full of history and you can see and feel it wherever you go on the estate.

The Grounds & Gardens

I couldn’t not mention the grounds and gardens when it comes to the photography side of things. Especially when a wedding is involved. All year round regardless of the seasons this venue is a perfect setting. The team have helped out with this article on that [ https://knowsleyhallvenue.co.uk/blog/season-get-married/ ]. Going out with couples to make images of them in the grounds is great for both myself and the couple. I get to create some beautiful images of the couple, whilst the newly weds get to have some time away from their wedding to give them a break from the overwhelming love from all of their wedding guests.

The Wedding Guests

So you have wedding guests at most weddings. Its nothing super different here, but I find that the whole grandeur of the wedding venue helps all the wedding guests feel super special. There is a huge sense of elegance about the venue and although I’ve only ever worked here and not attended as a guest. Having spoken to a lot of them though, they just love the venue. All of this ties in with the guests having an amazing time, allowing me to capture this making awesome photos for the couple to look back on. Speaking of wedding guests Knowsley Hall have this awesome article on “Who You Should Invite To You Wedding [ https://knowsleyhallvenue.co.uk/blog/who-should-you-invite-to-your-wedding/ ]

The Staff

I’m always extremely professional when I’m shooting weddings. I’m always figuring out how to be in the right place at the right time and work as hard as I can. Though the staff here end up treating me more like a guest! I get looked after so well and they’re always ready to help if there is anything I need from a photography perspective. This allows me to just put 100% of my thought process into my creativity and ensuring I’m documenting as much as I can. From the first time I arrived at Knowsley Hall to shoot the the last time I left the place I’ve almost felt a part of the team and I can’t wait for my next wedding here. So if the staff treat me well, you can only imagine what the bride and groom get treated like!

Thanks for being super hospitable to all of the team at Knowsley Hall

To summarise, this wedding venue has it all, is run super well and its a perfect wedding venue to work at as a wedding photographer. If you would like to find out more about me as a photographer working here please visit me at [ https://www.stewalkerphotography.com/knowsley-hall-wedding-photography/ ] my website.

If you’re considering hiring this wedding venue be sure to arrange a visit or a call with the team. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Awards

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