11 photographs you need from your wedding day

Memories fade, so you need to make sure you capture every moment of your wedding on camera.

Memories fade, so you need to make sure you capture every moment of your wedding on camera.
Once you’ve selected a photographer that suits your needs, they should go through all the types of
photographs you want – some will have their own shot list, but it’s always a good idea to go with your
own ideas, too. The last thing you want is to feel like you missed something six months later! Take a
look at our list of some of the most important photos you’ll want to tell your photographer to get.

Getting Ready

As it’s usually the first part of your day, the whole process of getting ready can often feel like a blur
and you’ll barely remember it. But often it’s all about the anticipation where you’ll be feeling giddy and
excited, which can make for some lovely photographs to look back on.

The dress

This one seems obvious, but it can sometimes be overlooked that you want a single image of just the
dress. Whether that’s on a hanger or when you’ve first put it on, get a quick snap that will help you
remember all those special little details.

Travelling to the venue

This is another moment you’ll probably struggle to remember after the day – you’ll be too busy making
sure you’ve got everything you need! Usually, you’ll travel with close friends and family, making it the
perfect opportunity for a photograph.

The guests

Obviously, you’ll want plenty of pictures of all your guests throughout the day. It can be great to look
back on pictures of everyone arriving because you won’t be there to see it for yourself! You might
need to consider an additional photographer to ensure you get all the shots you want and make a list
of any specific pairings of people you want that your photographer might miss – all your uni friends
together, for example, or your aunty and third cousin.

First look

This is a relatively new trend that’s emerged from across the pond, where you stage the moment you
and your partner see each other for the first time. Though you might still like to stick to the old
superstition of not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle, it can be a great opportunity for a
little quiet-time to ease nerves and it’s priceless to capture the look on your partner’s face.

The bouquet

If you have a fresh flower bouquet then you’ll definitely want to get close-up photographs of it from all
angles, as it won’t last much longer than a week after the wedding. To truly preserve the memory, you
could take a few of the flowers and have them dried and pressed to keep in a frame.

The empty venue

Your wedding venue holds such importance and it will never look more perfect and pristine than
before the guests arrive!

Personal elements

Whether it’s the seating chart you spent hours creating to the handmade flower arrangements or
favours, be sure to note down any specific details you want photographing.

The first kiss

What better way to capture the love than with a kiss? You’ll hopefully be spoilt for choice, but it’s still
worth making sure that you get one that feels genuine and authentic. Different photographers have
different styles and you’ll have a preference too, between more formal, posed shots and candid,
in-the-moment images.

Confetti throwing

Time to celebrate! The confetti throw is one of the best bits – for best results, get more confetti than
you think you’ll need and have the photographer prepped and ready for the release.

The first dance

Whether you have your first dance as just the two of you or you get everyone up on the dancefloor,
it’s essential to have it photographed. The thought might make you nervous but you’ll be so drunk in
love and giddy with happiness that you won’t care by the time it rolls around!

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