Access Statement

Knowsley Hall welcomes people with disabilities and has developed this Access Statement to address some of the more common issues that disabled people face.

This access statement is intended to provide additional information for all guests who wish to attend the Hall or use its facilities. Recognition has been given to include guests with an impairment, which could include: Mobility, Sight, Hearing, Learning Disabilities or any other hidden impairment.

Knowsley Hall aims to ensure that all employees, guests and others who use, or assist in, the provisions of our services – whether they have mobility difficulty, a visual or hearing impairment, have a speech impairment or difficulty, have a learning difficulty or mental health disability, use a wheelchair, cane, walking frame or crutches, or have any other disability – are treated equally and according to their needs.

We request that anyone wishing to make an enquiry or booking inform us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have in order for us to meet any personal requirements. Our team is fully committed to help and assist with empathy.

Knowsley Hall is located within its own idyllic, rural parklands 8 miles east of Liverpool and 25 miles west of Manchester. The Hall can be easily accessed from the M57 motorway, exiting at junction 2 and following the signs to Knowsley Hall for the final mile from the motorway. The Hall is within easy reach of the M58, M6 and M62.

You will arrive at Huyton Lodge Gates on George Hale Avenue. To enter the 2,500 acres surrounding Knowsley Hall, please announce your arrival via the intercom, located on the pod 15 metres in front of the gates on the right hand side by pressing “827” on the code pad and the gates will be opened automatically.

Once inside the gates, continue along the main route for about ¾ mile and take the right turn at the turning circle, carrying on up the main drive to the Hall.

Knowsley Hall has adequate parking facilities immediately outside the Hall for around 100 vehicles, with the closet parking spaces being only 20 metres from the front door. Please advise if a car parking space needs to be reserved at the front of the building.

To reach the Hall’s main entrance from the courtyard, there are 16 steps to climb, in wet weather these can be slippery (wet floor signs are positioned to make guests aware of this). If this would prove difficult, we can arrange for your vehicle to drive to the rear of the Hall, where there is access on the same level as the Reception and a member of our team will be waiting to greet you. When entering into the building from the terrace there is a slight raised area in the door well. The guest will be escorted through into Reception; again there is a rug with a raised area. There are chairs situated in front of Reception with arm rest to give guests additional support. The Reception team will give a down stair floor plan to the guests pointing out any areas where care needs to be taken.

We have a lift with two small steps up to it which can be used by disabled guests who are unable to manage the 31- step grand staircase to the bedrooms. Knowsley Hall has 1 dedicated friendly room. This is located in the Ambassadors Square Wing. A member of our team will assist you in reaching your bedroom and a full familiarisation of the building will be given. On a arrival at the bedroom our member of staff will ensure that you are settled in comfortably and run through with you the

All ground floor areas of the Hall, including the disabled cloakroom facilities are accessible to wheelchair users with the exception of the State Dining Room. Although unable to place a ramp on the 9 steps to the dining room, we are experienced in assisting anyone with a mobility disability, including wheelchair users and our team would be only too pleased to help to ensure you reach the dining room with ease.

Although we are unable to accept pets in the Hall, assistance dogs are welcomed.

To the rear of the Hall lie some beautiful gardens that can be accessed from the rear door beneath the grand staircase. We would ask that guests do not wander into the forests or to the lake for reasons of health and safety.

Our Commitment to accessibility

We constantly endeavour to improve accessibility to all our guests and any comments you have would be most welcomed. Please pass in your comments to any of our staff or contact the Duty Manager directly.

If you require any further information relating to accessibility of Knowsley Hall, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 489 4827 or via email on and we will do our best to answer your queries.

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